Bespoke solutions

Individual Products for Individual Needs

This information is for financial advisers only and should not be presented to, or relied upon by, private investors.

We understand that the investment objectives of some investors, or groups of investors, are unlikely to always be satisfied entirely by our range of available retail structured products.

Therefore, as part of our holistic approach to the structured product sector, we provide a ‘bespoke solutions’ service that offers a low entry level opportunity for intermediaries to create products tailored specifically to their clients' investment risk and return profiles, irrespective of complexity or jurisdiction. 

Our unrivalled relationships with the leading investment banks across the globe allows us to provide multi-asset and currency solutions, whether the underlying need is for income or investment return, to meet the needs of an individual, small group of investors, organisation, pension scheme or charity.

The minimum investment required to create a bespoke product can be as low as £500,000. We can also facilitate the payment of adviser charges.

To enquire about the process please contact us at or by calling Matthew White or Graham Devile on 020 3301 5566.

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