Third party administration

Meteor Asset Management is the Plan Manager and outsources the administration of its own products and those we administer on behalf of third parties to Meteor Investment Management. Meteor’s third party administration services include:

Processing of applications

We handle the processing and acceptance of applications – from the initial checks on document completion and verification of identity through to the issue of Initial Transaction Statements.

Periodic statements

We provide clear information giving investors an up to date ‘snapshot’ of their investment.

Plan Administration

This involves the timely payment of regular income payments and withdrawals, dealing with queries, providing information to investors and ongoing reconciliation of client assets.

Early surrender and transfer

This involves verifying investor identity, reconciling and liquidating the assets in accordance with the investment terms and conditions and transferring funds as directed.

Adviser Service

We can set-up and maintain agreements with financial advisers allowing them to conduct business while at all times respecting the adviser/client relationship. This could include maintaining records and the payment of adviser charges.

HMRC reporting

We comply with all HMRC reporting requirements.

Web Access

We provide a web based interface allowing clients and advisers to view their account details, including live business processed with breakdowns by broker firm and individual adviser. To view a demonstration enter "tpademo" as the username in the blue 'Login' box in the top right hand corner and  "1" for all of the password characters.